Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I felt it I really did

I felt a rant coming on it was there... lol then i realized some people and their bs are just so not worth my time... so... that said
Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays to all of you!


Friday, December 11, 2009

Thought For The Day

Just a random thought......
Do people really think they are fooling others?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Touchy Subject

This is a tough one to write about, people will read into it, some will think it's about them when it isn't, some who should wont lol and eh ya know life goes on and all that crap.

So how to begin this, I was profile pervin, lol nothing new there, saw a comment I'm pretty positive pertains to me, i found it amusing cuz it was pretty well off base. But then that's nothing new, as we know people see what they want to see to make themselves feel better .

So.. lets see.... a person has/had a friend, someone they enjoyed talking to ... hanging out with now and then.. then suddenly it stops... reasons? who knows really, i think the "friend" isn't telling the whole truth but again it's all always open to interpretation right? So then they suddenly have... I don't know what to call it... a bulldog? watch dog? personal body guard? who doesn't let anyone else close to them, cant hang out with them cuz the watch dog is always there, cant just have friend time again why? ,mhm the new watch dog is there [ and no I'm not calling the person a dog, its just the best description i can come up with] at this point I am amazed the person has any other friends, cuz no one can get close to them. It's amazing then cuz they say oh everyone thinks I'm f*cking the "watch dog" well hmm guess what when that watch dog has their head so far up your ass, i can see why people think it, seriously, I've questioned it myself and honestly i know better or think I do, who knows people can fool you, and amaze you they do every day.
So, because i make comments, which i know now have been passed on, mhm I'm not stupid people, I'm called jealous, well maybe a little but it's more like hurt I guess, it's called sharing? and some just don't do it well I guess.
In the end it's all good, I've learned who is truly a friend [then again we never really know do we?] and who isn't.
So I've a feeling this post may cause some fall out, in the words of someone I actually still think a lot of " it is what it is" after all this is my blog and I am entitled to say what ever i want right?
Now you can read this and think " oh man I know exactly who she is talking about...." or you can take it for what it is... venting or hell I don't know lol i guess you'll do what ever you need to do, I know I will.

Friday, November 20, 2009

I rarely talk about these things... but I am a widow with a couple hellions still at home, imperfect though they are, spoiled, they don't listen but they are mine and I love them. Being a widow is an experience you cannot understand unless of course you've been there. Certain days bring about memories, painful and good, certain times of the year and so on, I am told it gets better with time, I'm hoping for that. Yesterday the twins turned 9.... and the memories flooded in, it was a stressful day, a lot of work trying to give them a party they would enjoy and remember. At the end of it all one did say it was the best party ever, so that was my thanks small but heartfelt and wonderful. I lost someone else yesterday, they cannot and will never understand, am I perfect? Oh gawd I wish I was, but that isn't in the cards, so i deal the best i can with what I have sometimes I do OK sometimes I don't. So many blessings I should just not think about the bad right? Doesn't work that way.
In a couple weeks my Dad's birthday will be here, I wont go into how old he would have been and many of you were with me at SR the day he died, virtually holding my hand and hugging me. Some days it's the best you can ask for.
Life goes on we all say and I guess that's what mine must do.
I close this to a quiet evening at home, the boys were invited to a basketball game , thus I have free time on my hands. Perhaps I'll spend it thinking on the good things and trying to get past the bad. :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Amusing isn't it?

I find it amusing to read profiles... and even more so when I come across something so blatantly full of shit i have to comment... so I'm reading and I see someone say.." there are 2 sides to every story.. get to know both" lol ok so hrm.. that person has run around my club crying on shoulders... in an attempt to gain friends and create the drama they so claim to dislike... I am amazed every day by this type of shit.. seriously I am.

Monday, October 12, 2009


So.. someone told me long ago on SL... those who cry and rant and go on about Drama in their profiles.... are in actuality the ones who perpetuate it, seem to be smothered in it. And the longer I exist in this virtual world, the more i come to realize they were indeed correct.
Watch people sometime, read profiles... see if it doesn't ring true for you.

It's kinda like someone claiming they care, then finding out they were talking shit about ya behind your back all the while.......remember that old song... " they smile in your face, all the while they wanna take your place... backstabbers" mhm it is so true at times.

It's like an ultimate betrayal, least in my book to tell someone you care and -gasp- even love them then turn around and at the same time tell others crap about the person your claiming to care about.. wow just wow, I'm not sure even I could be that shitty.

So on to bigger and better things yes? Believe it or not, my sl doesn't revolve around running around trying to destroy people, or at the very least make them look bad. Most people make themselves look bad all on their own.

Party on Rockers...

Thursday, October 1, 2009


lol mhm i can tell who that comment came from... so I'm told my blog created drama... -chuckles- good excuse toots ain't holding water and here's why..... 1. no names mentioned...
and lol if someone got upset about something i wrote... then perhaps they need to step back and look at why... if it wasn't in some way true it wouldn't bother you, so if i write about oh lets say.... the vultures of sl... and you take offense then i'd say you are one in some way or at least behave in a similar fashion... cuz if you didn't... it wouldn't bother you.
Victims... mhm I'm seeing one ... man lets talk about trying to play innocent... lol yah right and I'm a saint.
i could have not published that comment about the tags but it's all good i am pretty sure i know who it came from lol and had she not been guilty she wouldn't have felt the need to defend herself and not leave a name.
What you people don't get is... mhm sometimes i do write about people around me... my opinions... this is a blog that's something blogs are about... opinions... but you wont see me use a name, you wont see me give hints cuz that's not how i roll.
Now... I am putting this little chapter behind me, some people, some things are so not worth the time to write about them or the situation. Any further drama coming from them will be handled differently.
have a great day!

Monday, September 28, 2009

I can see clearly now

Funny how suddenly everything comes into focus isn't it? I got handed a pack of lies.... and now... lol mhm i know it, I see you for what you are. How the high and mighty fall.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Oh and one more thing

lol I left an important gripe out... I am reminded today as one of the dj's gives special treatment to the person who does this very thing....,

People that wear their club tag... at other clubs... see i consider this a common courtesy thing, and I am not the only one... many do... especially owners, seriously people... would you like me to stand in your club wearing my "sanctuary Rock owner" tag, let along the plain SR tag? Oh but it gets better.... it really does.... not only does this particular club owner do this.... she had the nerve to im me one day asking about one of my djs because she wanted him to work at her club... wow just wow... social ignorance i guess.... troll for staff much? Seriously this maybe SL but some rules apply here just as RL least in my mind.... I guess some just don't much give a shit.

What , you might be asking yourself... did I say to said person... honestly for once i bit my tongue and said nothing.. I wanted to, but given her behavior thus far I'm guessing bitching her out would have gone right over her head.

Sad isn't it?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's Been Awhile

So it's been awhile.... yah i've been quiet.... I don't tend to run around bashing and shit as much as people think I do. So I have some things I've been mulling about lol oh yah look out here comes the rambling shit.

So lets see... 1st off the top of my head,

1. People who claim people copy thier look.... lolok 1st... this is SL everyone wears the same shit people.... good lord they see it on you in a club and they buy it, everyone shops in the same damn stores... and when you accuse someone of stealing your look lol check your bod 1st... plz...they have prolly been around longer you and aint stealing shit from you,and a lil hint... lol some of you I recall when you were noobs at SR and you didnt have " that look" you claim for yours, maybe YOU should get your own look!

2. Drama queens... yah we have a few about the club... mhm they think I dont notice or get told about them... running around crying to people about how mean I am and that I hate them wah wah wah... bishes plz... what you dont see is the people laughing at you because of your behavior.

3. Oh here's a good one... the chick... everyone knows at least 1 I'm sure.... she makes sure she weasles her way in and makes friends with all the guys... your guy your best friends guy .... mhm then trouble starts... always the same.. always happens.

4. ohhh the " People warned me about you!... Your friends my friends your Mom.... all warned me about you" lol um then why you talking to me? ok moving on.

5. The he said she said game.... boy meets girl... they get together.. then they break up... he bashes her to everyone.... mhm you heard me... funny thing... All I have to say is... nice guy just not the guy for me. nuff said on that.

6. The alt game.... gotta love when alts appear... 2 days old decked out in all the best sl has to offer... mhm you know the ones... so obvious they are alts.

So ok maybe thats enough if mirisms for today lol hpe yours is a great one!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Things that make ya go hmm

Walkin' down this rocky road

Wondering where my life is leadin

'Rollin' on, to the bitter end

Finding out along the way

What it takes to keep love living

You should know, how it feels my friend

Ooh, I want you to stay

Ooh, I want you today

I'm ready for love

Oh baby, I'm ready for love

Ready for love

Oh baby, I'm ready for loveYeah

Ohhh, for your love

Now I'm on my feet again

Better things are bound to happen

All my dues, surely must be paid

Many miles and many tears

Times were hard but now they're changing

You should know that I'm not afraid

Ooh, I want you to stay

Ooh, I want you today

I'm ready for love

Oh baby, I'm ready for love

Ready for love

Oh baby, I'm ready for lovemmmmm

Oh I'm ready for love

Ahh, hey ey ey Ready for your love

Ooh, I want you to stay

Ooh, I want you today

I'm ready for love

Oh baby I'm ready for love

Ready for love

Oh baby I'm ready for love

Ready for love

Oh baby I'm ready for love

Ready for love

Oh baby I'm ready for your love

Ahhh ha aahhh ahWooa Oh oh oh Woa

I'm ready for your love

Oh babymmmmm mmmm mmm

Monday, July 13, 2009

People Amaze Me

It never ceases to amaze me... seriously.. that people have nothing better to do than talk about me.. what makes it even funnier is the half truths. It's cool though I am far from a victim, I am human, I have had my less than shining moments in SL, but I also know I'm not half the monster some would portray me to be. However in many ways their bashing and bad mouthing has done me a favor, it keeps many people away from me, thus saving me the time of deciding if they are indeed "real".
I am one person lol no one important, and yet the rumors abound, i am always amazed when i hear some of them. I am blessed with friends who know the truth, who don't bother to listen.
If these people who spread the crap knew me lol they would know i'll be the 1st to admit if it's true, half true or not.
I don't bother lying about shit in sl,or rl cuz it always comes back to kick ya in the ass.
I'm not even going to bother going into the latest ... just know I'm having a good laugh :P

Thursday, July 9, 2009


ok so i had met someone and we hung out a couple days, he was a nice guy I thought... i liked him, i will admit i suck at sl relationships, im hesitant, and what have you but ok so i then spent a day , i was busy rl and sl, [here's a clue people i am afk a lot because i have kids and a job, i deal with them even if my avi is logged in] so ok i have a quiet day didn't talk to anyone much other than answering ims, and suddenly i'm told i was in a bad mood blah blah.. then the attack continues on to the following,

[2009/07/09 12:02] name removed: Yanno what? Just forget it...Ban me from SR....I shoulda listened to my buddy when I told him you and I started hangin out recently...He said it was a loss cause and that your only here for people to drool over your pixels and you get angry when the attention of guys falls else where...Granted I don't listen to he said, she said stuff, but I guess I shoulda listened to this one...I found out it's a big talk in SR anyway

[2009/07/09 12:03] name removed.. puts you on the wonderful mute list of SL drama and whores.

[12:15] Mirari Cheney: wow i hope i am muted... I have one day im quiet you accuse me of being in a bad mood and then you throw shit at me that some chick said? lol wow you seriously are an asshole ... thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt and ban you? pffft in your fucking dreams.

[12:18] name removed: You are muted but it comes to my email anyway..Why not ban me? your club is a piece of shit, I never go there and refuse to, and it has nothing to do with your ONE DAY OF has to do with WHO YOU ARE and how YOU ACT..your a grumpy old fuck bag, who thinks she can get away with fuckin with peoples heads in SL...News flash..your a fuckin idiot and no one likes you..Go spend time with your KIDS EMAILING FOR THE GREATER GOOD Join me

ok so.... hmm he heard from a friend I get mad cuz guys don't pay attention to me? wow Theres a a new one on me, I usually keep to myself again i am usually afk like i said. So whats wrong with this picture? I spend a day not talking and hes claiming i get mad cuz i wasn't paid attention to? Sad thing is this person really was someone i thought could be a friend, and i guess his attack, shows me it was obviously a good thing to pull away for a day true colors came through.

We all have reps in SL.... your blind if you think you don't, do i think no body likes me? nah i don't believe that, do i agree some people don't? yep i do, it's just how it is, people don't take the time to get to know you before judgements are made, they decide based on rumors and other crap. To the person who told him that stuff about me... lol yah what ever buddy, you obviously don't know me.

As to SR being shit? well then you just said my entire staff and those that go to SR are shit, SR isn't me, ive said it before... SR is everyone that frequents it and everyone that works there, SR is all it's past owners and staff so um yeah you just insulted a hell of a lot of people. I am but one person there, I make sure the bills get paid, and dj occasionally, that's it, it takes more than me to run the place.

Anyway that's my rant today... am I a bitch? sure aren't we all sometimes? Do i need people to drool over my pixels? lol um nope, Mir as an avi is imperfect, i made her that way, I guess if i needed people to drool over her I'd be there every day with her naked attempting to be the spot light. In truth believe it or not i get uncomfortable when people pay too many compliments on my avi, I actually enjoy conversations instead of the usual " omg your avi is hot" hmm so are 2/3rds of the avis in sl, I don't own the market on it. I actually like "friends" who are not sometime friends, you know the type, they im you now and then when no one else is around to hang with them,or till the next big friend comes along, or when they are djing somewhere. Oh and the fucking with peoples minds.... wow that's a new one, not sure what field that came out of but here's another news flash, no one can fuck with anyone's mind unless they let them, I don't appreciate it done to me, thus I don't make a habit of doing it to others.

In the end I hope that verbal attack made the person doing it feel better, I hope who ever his buddy is who told him that crap feels better about himself too, I myself would rather not bash people, nor carry around anger and grudges, it's so pointless.

So in spite of the insults the attack... i hope he and his buddy have a great day and a happy SL, cuz I've vented, I'm done with it.

Moving on.........

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A response

I wasnt going to bother, but I'm so sick of a certain person always making sure to mention who created SR... and so i put a response in my pics, and the responses to my pic has been .. well it's been amazing. I will start with pasting here my pic rambling...

"Ya know... I do know who started Sanctuary Rock.. yep they keep managing to point it out in profiles and shit... but heres the thing, they sold it, not to me but to Daisy, hmmm SOLD it... yep I'd say that means it's done and it's over. Who cares when the day is done who started it or even who owns it currently...In the end it doesn't matter who's name is on a group as the founder..what matters is that SR is still here, and it took a lot of people past and present to get it here. so as long as it's a kick ass place to go, that to me is more important than anything else. I didnt create SR, nor do i make it great, my staff does,the people that come here do. So to those of you who feel the need to point out the past, geez get over it already."

I never had anything against those 1st people, nothing, dont know them only met one, and i had no issues with him until he attacked me. So, hmm who's really the bad guy here? Me? I dont think so I'm just trying to keep what was started alive so others can come and enjoy it. And to be really honest I pay the bills, the staff keeps it running, they keep the place kicking ass.

So really many people can claim to have "made SR" the people that visit it regularly, the DJs, the Hosts, the Dancers, because in my mind they did, everyone plays a part.

I'm going to end this with a comment from another friend, though im gonna leave his name off the comment, cuz.. well cuz i feel like it.

[16:23] A Friend: those that need to point out that someone else built it and they deserve all the credit are like armchair warriors and assholes....they all have an opinion they think is right. Rock On Sanctuary ...Party On Mirari!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

What ever it takes

It's amazing to me... that if you wish someone well... even if things maybe went badly wrong with them.. they assume you want them... that you want them back... what ever... I guess all I can say is what ever it takes to get you through the day... what ever makes you feel better... what ever you need to justify the end...I gave up trying to make my thoughts heard and understood... i gave up defending myself..seriously it comes to a point when you know your just talking to yourself. If hating me, if bashing me, if sharing logs, if all of that makes you feel better than please do so. However... I will always say hello i will always wish them well. Because no matter what anyone thinks... no matter the bs that gets spread...I do not regret having known you.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Musical Interlude

Bury all your secrets in my skin
Come away with innocence
and leave me with my sins
The air around me still feels like a cage
And love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage again
So if you love me let me go
And run away before I know
My heart is just too dark to care
I can't destroy what isn't there
Deliver me into my fate
If I'm alone I cannot hate
I don't deserve to have you
Ooh, my smile was taken long ago
If I can change I hope I never know
I still press your letters to my lips
And cherish them in parts of me that savor every kiss
I couldn't face a life without your lights
But all of that was ripped apart when you refused to fight
So save your breath, I will not care
I think I made it very clear
You couldn't hate enough to love
Is that supposed to be enough?
I only wish you weren't my friend
Then I could hurt you in the end
I never claimed to be a saint
Ooh, my own was banished long ago
It took the death of hope to let you go
So break yourself against my stones
And spit your pity in my soul
You never needed any help
You sold me out to save yourself
And I won't listen to your shame
You ran away, you're all the same
Angels lie to keep control
Ooh, my love was punished long ago
If you still care don't ever let me know
If you still care don't ever let me know

Slipknot Snuff

Thursday, June 4, 2009


It's one of those days I guess oh what fun they are!

If I could turn back time... If I could find a way... I'd take back those things that hurt you, and you'd stay.

hmm old cheesy song by Cher... yup I admit it... it certainly is from a Cher song...

Turn back time... wonderful concept...sometimes we all wish we could i imagine... some things i wish i could do it... other times not.

Any way lol yah i know for some of you none of this makes sense ... but for me... it does and hey it's my blog right? lol

ok musing over

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thoughts For Today's time, I need to just write about somethings that bother me on some level or another.
1. Blindness... I don't mean as in cant see... no I mean people who cannot see anything but themselves, and what they need, what they feel..mhm reminds me of the teenage anthem.."what about meeeee..what about my feelings". Seriously this type of person would decide this is about them even if it wasn't why? because EVERY thing is about them dammit and your attempt to hurt them.
2. Victims...again not true victims... but those that see the world as hurting them... everything and everyone hurts them, and they cry and whine to anyone that will listen about everyone that's ever hurt them...because they also usually fall into the 1st category. They also fall into the next one.
3. Drama Queens. Mhm you all know who and what they are... running around bad mouthing everyone, always complaining, their life real and second is always in turmoil, and it's always someone Else's fault. Oh wait isn't that a victim? lol I guess Victim really does = drama queen.

Am I perfect? lol not even close.. I'm stubborn...I have a hella temper...I also have moments of some of the afore mentioned traits... I think everyone does...though usually they move on and deal with what ever is bothering them.

Ok I guess that's about all i have to say on it...I'd mention that these are just thoughts and not related to anyone but eh at least 10 people will say omg Mir's bad mouthing me!

Monday, May 11, 2009

I think I am in Love....

with a jean outfit..... muah ha ha ha you thought I was gonna say myself! admit it! No I found this store not too long ago.. Little Britain.. and wow ... just wow..awesome clothes and boots! omg boots! So I think i bought about a third of the outfits in the store...[that's a low estimate lol ]
The Boots ... I'm collecting them! Ok so they have lucky chairs a free outfit every week... camping chairs.... so over all it's a fun place to hang out... next to mine that is. So the owners/creators Ivica and Drummer... really nice people by the way... I contacted Ivica about making a outfit for Sanctuary Rock... cuz i love love love their outfits... ACDC, Metalica, ad so on.. and with the help of Joppem Tulip who made the new club logo... [which kicks ass I must say]
So Ivica and Drummer made this denim outfit for me.... at this point my managers and 4 other people have them... thats it... I'll be giving them away now and then as special Thank yous are in order here... to Joppem for making the logo and remaking the logo [yah I'm a pain in the ass] and to Little Britian [Ivica and Drummer] for pulling it all together and making the outfit! Wanna check the store out? Search Little Britian or im me in world I will gladly give you the LM!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Who Ya Gonna Call?! Bot Hunters!

ok so.... lol I have become a bot hunter of sorts oh yes it's actually quite fun... so there is this club that has suddenly appeared out of nowhere.. in search right on my ass... so I'm looking at their.. map and hmm its odd looking so investigating we went...odd place that is... you stand there.. and these dots look like they are below you about 10m.. and yet they are not there... hmmmm eventually after much searching my partner went up and wow there they were on top of this mega prim box that surrounds the sim... somehow making them look as if they are at almost ground level not up so high.... now for the gritty part... the bots... lol most were naked... xcite parts on.. a tent with a 4some bed was there too... even a tiger... bestiality anyone? so any way at least I know they didn't show up for real traffic.. oh now... they are runny bot porn? omg the latest in SL perversions? Bot porn hmmmm something to think about. Wanna know which club? IM me in world I'll tell ya -grinz-

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rude Stuff

ok so in all of my almost 3 years in SL I had never gone and camped... nope not once.... I know hard to believe... so today I did... and I actually survived it...-chuckles- yus indeed I did... so I like a fool decide ok that wasn't so bad I'll go back and attempt to earn the other item i wanted... right so this ass decides to slide his rather rude self into the chair... now... I wouldn't have cared except I had waited a hour....mind you I know others wait longer but I am not in the habit of doing the whole chair thing let alone wait... so I im the guy and I say this..
[2009/05/06 14:48] Mirari Cheney: ass
[2009/05/06 14:49] Rivier Oconnell: fuck you loser
[2009/05/06 14:49] Rivier Oconnell: ill report ya
[2009/05/06 14:49] Rivier Oconnell: for being a baddd sport
[2009/05/06 14:49] Rivier Oconnell: just FYI lucky and camping chairs are games[2009/05/06 14:49] Mirari Cheney: waited for an hour
[2009/05/06 14:49] Mirari Cheney: did you?
[2009/05/06 14:49] Mirari Cheney: jerk

oh wasn't he mature and pleasant? I mean wow lol did he feel just a lil like the piece of crap he is? I mean honestly his reaction was a tad overkill. So yah I sent the log to one of the estate managers... told her to ban me if need be... I guess I'll not be doing camping again not with pukes like that guy around... sadly people like him.. probably don't spend a linden in the stores they haunt.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Quick Hide The Bots

So if you follow LL blogs you have seen that they are going to begin policing the use of bots to increase traffic...well I'm all for that... but I have to wonder how they plan to do club I tp'd to today... had 6 people that could not be accounted for... another... wow like 20 people all clustered up in the air... they sure as hell were not in the club -chuckles- hell the owner dances with a bot... it's amazing to me that you want traffic so badly that you would lie to get it.... so .. that makes you the best at what?... hmmm cant be music... no one there listening.. mall? nah its empty too.... so that makes you best at lying i guess. I know I have blogged about this many times... but it never ceases to amuse me...seriously like people cant see when they tp in that hmm the other 28 people the map showed aren't in the club? It's like saying eh lets use bots people are too stupid to notice there are only maybe 4 people in the club all are staff.. wow so wheres the party then? oh up in that box where the bots are huh? And Vendors.... wow they are paying for traffic that really doesnt exist and paying high prices too! I guess I just don't get it.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yah I know Mz Bitchalot is on a roll

so...back when Daisy still owned SR and continuing on now... event sponsorships were and are usually reserved for our vendors... I mean honestly, they pay rent... they help keep SR alive,so why wouldn't we mention them 1st? I mean really think about it, so we have always operated on the general rule that if it's a vendor who isn't in our mall, then they have to offer something we don't already have, and I have always felt that to be fair. People just don't get that I guess, and want to piss and moan and say shit .. well here's my take on it 1. If I don't know you 2. If you don't rent from me 3. If you don't provide something different. then hrm.... sorry I'm just not interested. Ok so maybe that makes me a bitch to some, but again I look out for my vendors. SR Mall has been redone and is currently full, SR has pure traffic... meaning no bots no campers... no malls close by on a different parcel that makes the mall look like your kicking ass... our numbers are what is... actual counts and I'm proud of that... my staff kicks ass daily .. with out them it would just be the rock. So renting at SR... means all those people will see your items... they may go shop at your main store... but your creations do get viewed!

Rant #2

tags... it always amazes me when people come in with staff tags from other clubs.. I mean honestly.. I personally find that rude... I mean I take mine off if I happen to visit another club, if nothing else i wear no tag... I try very hard to show some respect. To be honest when i see this happening, at SR, or other clubs I have to wonder if people aren't there creating trouble... trying to gather up business what have you. With out that tag you'd probably escape notice anyway lol but yah it's just plain old rude.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

And now for the downside of vendors

Yah know someone talked me into buying this DJ board once.. and I did so reluctantly... 1. it isn't very user friendly.... and now i find the creator isn't very user helpful.... you pull up his profile and find a bunch of crap about going to manuals finding a help phrase and then maybe then he might help you.. lol well I'm sorry i don't have time for that crap and I certainly don't have time for vendors who then insult me.... so yah board is going down from SR... I'll find something better... and would i suggest you buy this mans crap? nope not by a long shot... unless of course you want to be called unintelligent by someone who makes themselves completely inaccessible, because they seem to feel they are better than everyone else. Would i reccomend a SHX board? Um NO guess not.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

DV8 Spells..... Yummeh!

ok I had been there before .. indeed i had.. bought a couple things... but last night oi lol I went to get something neon for the 10pm event.. and wound up spending.. well a lot let's just say. I joked with one of the owners Dysturbed Syn, what a nice man ... and I got to meet his Partner Vasha... truly a nice lady as well... I mean wow they just rock. They gave me certificates to give away at my event... truly their kindness was unexpected and impressive! So yah peeps... run don't walk to the store... lots of kick ass stuffs there... latex in yummy colors... hair... even a neko tail and ears...I myself got to the riot vendor this morning and snagged a pack of their newest latex outfit for 40L woot cant beat a deal like that and we all got to rub up on the vendor and each other! What are you waiting for? gooooooo shop!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Grid Wide Hunts

Ok .. hunts they are all the rage I guess you could say... and they can be fun... you meet new people see some new shops....but..and don't get me wrong this has nothing to do with the awesome vendors who donate their items cuz they seriously rock!.but... those groups attached to the hunt itself I'm telling you.... i joined one for the bunny hop..indeed i did , and for the most part... people were helpful, but on the flip side people were also rude....and i watched as time after time people belittled others... made them feel stupid for asking. People that joined 2 days prior and TYPED ALL IN CAPS because they are too ignorant to realize that denotes yelling have the nerve to smart off and treat people like shit... yah it happens and it's really sad. Guess that tells me not to join the damn groups right? right! As to the hunts eh I'll still end up doing them though honestly i don't need the stuff I mean come on lol my inventory is already at 63k and that's after deleting a ton of things. And they always end up costing me cuz i find things to buy, i may not always buy at the moment I'm there, often i go back later but still it's a sale right? So that brings me to one more gripe...and trust me people whom i consider awesome and friends do this... but um... why make the things so damn hard to find? I mean honestly... you agreed to give something away, then you hide it so it cant be ok so if it takes me 2 hours to find something then I'm probably not gonna come back to your store to shop.. why? well if you make it that hard to find something free why the heck should i come freely give you my lindens? I mean one hunt i never even went on because i couldn't find the 1st item, and that's pretty damn sad, oh and wait.. it gets better... so you decide too many people are finding it too easily so you move it and put up a "cheater's" sign ok so.. that means because people used... omg that group! they are cheaters? wow.. ok i think thats pretty shitty myself. And nope I'm not tooting horns here but when staff at SR wears something people see it...and remember SR is pure traffic.. no bots no campers so traffic of 40k is really 40k not 30k plus campers and bots, best free honest advertising a shop can get. OK lol I'm done bitching for today.. just a warning about those groups and their "helpers" remember people ... we were all new at something once... lets hope someone was kind to you when you were.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Vampart strikes again!

It's called Twilight and it's scrumptious...... and of course I had to keep on the Unicorn goodies from Catnip actually looks pretty darn good with it!
Woot.... go see Vampart.... there is a shop at SR!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nightshade Designs

mmm one of my fav fav stores for Classy... Gothic.. styled clothing..and shoes! the dress here is called Sade.... its very detailed....and the pant set is called Blood Elegance... Boots Black Widow. If you haven't been there I suggest you visit soon! Nightshade Designs.

Rant time

ok so... lol I promise... shopping next time! This time i have the urge to write about other things. So... a person decides they want to work at SR they seem nice and all that. Admit they are an alt... so on and so that in itself is nothing right? Ok but when your suddenly on this alt more than your main.... snooping around asking questions about all the regulars.... and suddenly buddying up to people i hang with.. hmm I have to wonder what drama that person is cooking up... I am hearing they are asking lots of questions .. things they shouldnt be. So why is this person doing this? I dunno.. they are partnered on their main... I can only guess A. he either doesnt know she needs to ho around on an alt... or B things are not so peachy there. That aside I have to think this person is up to no good.. I wonder if they think Im stupid and or blind and wont see whats going on. I am reminded of my rules now... the rules for drama prevention

1. I dun mess around with my staff.
2. I dun mess around with regulars at the club.
3. If someone has messed around/been involved with a staff member.. I dun touch them.

They work for me.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Day At Sn@tch

ok so don't get me wrong... I absolutely love Sn@tch..some of the most awesome clothes in sl....though one day I was IM'd by a co-worker.... about something quite interesting going on so I took the limo ride into the store.. and low and behold there were asses every where... ya know the j-lo ghetto booties which hey... different strokes for different folks right? [lol maybe if i didn't have one in RL I'd have one in SL but thats besides the point!] Any way what ensued was .. well a trip down memory lane for me.... ladies exchanging insults.... and I am not poking fun at them by any means.... it was actually quite interesting! So at the risk of a lot of bitching lol ima post what I have from the shop.. cuz oh yeah these chicks were the shit!

[21:25] Persephone Bolissima: Naomi, you find anything you like... i cant really tell how good stuff is here, because these two ugly bitches keep standing next to us, thinking we will make them look pretty

[21:25] Naomi Dubrovna laughs "yeah they are bringing the store down with their looks"

[21:26] Persephone Bolissima: and probly has a soar throat

[21:26] Shelianna Whiteberry: back to my regual skin

[21:27] Delicious Dollinger: You use your tongue prettier than a $20 whore.

[21:27] Delicious Dollinger: O that you know all to well

[21:27] Delicious Dollinger giggles

[21:27] Delicious Dollinger: and you work where?

[21:27] Shelianna Whiteberry: those bitches cant shitn

[21:27] Delicious Dollinger: for who?

[21:27] Persephone Bolissima: yeah, because surprisingly there are a lot of girls who look like they just got pimped off on a street corner, with hair that looks as if its been pulled a bit too much walking around

[21:28] Shelianna Whiteberry: no she didnt

[21:28] Naomi Dubrovna: yeah well i dont know about the other one look what she wearing obviously the cash doesnt come easy for her

[21:28] Shelianna Whiteberry: you two look like nasty siinks hoes

[21:28] Delicious Dollinger: You know what

[21:28] Persephone Bolissima: yeah so, i guess desperate times coem from desperate measures[21:28] Delicious Dollinger: Hold on

[21:28] Persephone Bolissima: especially when you cant even afford a bottle of decent shampoo[21:29] Shelianna Whiteberry: bitch plz

[21:29] Persephone Bolissima: or a comb for that matter

[21:29] Naomi Dubrovna: hmmm I dont know would you like the M for the freebie store? Oh wait you probably have all of those

[21:29] Persephone Bolissima: yeah dont bother

[21:29] Naomi Dubrovna: *LM

[21:29] Persephone Bolissima: we dont have enough freebie store lms

[21:29] Persephone Bolissima: to statisfy them, they probly got the whole sl grid's worth[21:29] Naomi Dubrovna laughs

[21:29] Shelianna Whiteberry: TAKE UR DOCKS OUT UR MOUITHS

[21:30] Delicious Dollinger: NO! hun don't get upset with them they don't know any better[21:30] Delicious Dollinger: you can see that in there looks

[21:30] Persephone Bolissima: yeah, we dont know any better cause you cant get any better... you can see that in our looks

[21:31] Persephone Bolissima: but as for you two

[21:31] Persephone Bolissima: much to learn

[21:31] Delicious Dollinger: Ummmmmmm O....K

[21:31] Shelianna Whiteberry: they guys

[21:31] Persephone Bolissima: first of all.... a street corner isnt the best job to make money, so i've heard... and obviously i've seen from you two

[21:31] Delicious Dollinger: You ok now

[21:31] Delicious Dollinger: huh?

[21:31] Shelianna Whiteberry: im cool now

[21:31] Delicious Dollinger: did I offend you hun?

[21:32] Persephone Bolissima: huh?

[21:32] Delicious Dollinger giggles

[21:32] Persephone Bolissima: no speakdie engliz?

[21:32] Persephone Bolissima: huh?

[21:32] Shelianna Whiteberry: they dont like you becasue i called them out

[21:32] Persephone Bolissima: i cant understand past a kindergarten vocabulary and following the curse words i hear from my parents?

[21:32] Persephone Bolissima: huh?

[21:32] Persephone Bolissima: all i can say is bitch

[21:32] Delicious Dollinger: what where you just trying to spell

[21:32] Persephone Bolissima: huh?

[21:32] Delicious Dollinger: lmaoooooo

[21:32] Persephone Bolissima: all i know how to respond is "oh no she didnt"

[21:32] Persephone Bolissima: huh?

[21:32] Persephone Bolissima: any other questions, hoes?

[21:33] Persephone Bolissima: or is your thongs pressed too tight up your ass

[21:33] Persephone Bolissima: and i know your brain is down there so its probly suffocating it[21:33] Shelianna Whiteberry: ok leave these men to there lil talk

[21:34] Persephone Bolissima: yeah you confuse women for men, because im sure the only men you have been were panzies and now you cant tell the difference

[21:34] Naomi Dubrovna: lol she calls us men cause her little feelings got hurt i called her a noob[21:34] Persephone Bolissima: they never met a man, they arent hot enough

[21:34] Shelianna Whiteberry: LMAO

[21:34] Persephone Bolissima: thats why they confuse us

[21:34] Colette Courtois: shoot

[21:35] YasminLee Shelman: ty Colete

[21:35] Colette Courtois: np ^_^

[21:35] Colette Courtois: and sorry barb

21:35] Persephone Bolissima: i might have to turn off avatar renderings

[21:35] Persephone Bolissima: their uglyass pixels are laggin me up

[21:35] Shelianna Whiteberry: u 2 are a walking joke

[21:36] Persephone Bolissima: yes i know, whenever we walk, talk, stand, or run we make jokes off of bitches like you two

[21:36] Shelianna Whiteberry: and read tyhe tag MEN[21:36] Shelianna Whiteberry: oops[21:36] Persephone Bolissima: Naomi, commend them, they have been able to repeat

[21:36] Shelianna Whiteberry: im laugh

[21:36] Persephone Bolissima: the same insults

[21:37] Persephone Bolissima: for an extremely long amount of time

[21:37] Shelianna Whiteberry: read the tag men

[21:37] Persephone Bolissima: you two are jokes

[21:37] Persephone Bolissima: and you are bitches

[21:37] Persephone Bolissima: i've never felt so insulted

[21:37] BloodDragon Dagger: o.O

[21:37] Trishella Skytower: ....

[21:37] Persephone Bolissima: i feel so told off

[21:37] Shelianna Whiteberry: get it ight its MS BITCH

[21:37] Persephone Bolissima: Ms. bitch... sadly will never be Mrs.

[21:37] Naomi Dubrovna: they just mad cause they got called out for what they were

[21:37] Shelianna Whiteberry: LOL

[21:38] Shelianna Whiteberry: they are a joke

[21:38] Persephone Bolissima: oh look

[21:38] Persephone Bolissima: repeated insult

[21:38] Persephone Bolissima: mark it again Naomi

[21:38] Shelianna Whiteberry: hey Ellis

[21:38] Persephone Bolissima claps

[21:38] Trishella Skytower: omggg

[21:38] Persephone Bolissima golf claps

[21:38] Delicious Dollinger: What?

[21:38] Persephone Bolissima: oh now she know show to say 'what' and not just 'huh'

[21:38] Naomi Dubrovna: lol

[21:39] Shelianna Whiteberry: LOL

[21:39] Persephone Bolissima: someone please teach that girl how to understand any phrases beyond "your abitch"

[21:39] Delicious Dollinger: Yes *CENSORED* what?

[21:39] Shelianna Whiteberry: lol

[21:39] Persephone Bolissima: she just stands there unable to comprehend and repeats "huh?" and "what?"

[21:39] Delicious Dollinger: Noo! hun I was in a IM not reading your text

[21:39] Delicious Dollinger: so run dat back?

[21:39] Michella Ellis: !!BITCHSLAPPED!!!

[21:39] Shelianna Whiteberry: they dont have there ears on so they cant hear

[21:39] Trishella Skytower: lol

[21:39] Michella Ellis: !!BITCHSLAPPED!!!

[21:39] Shelianna Whiteberry: so them bitches

[21:39] Michella Ellis: Punk ass Bitch ass Pussy ass Hoe ass nigga!!!!

[21:40] Shelianna Whiteberry: LOL

[21:40] Naomi Dubrovna: what are you guys 5 yrs old?

[21:40] Persephone Bolissima: no no

[21:40] Trishella Skytower: bitch why you look like a fake ass barbie?

[21:40] Persephone Bolissima: dont insult our youth with them Naomi

[21:40] Trishella Skytower: fake ass pamela anderson?

[21:40] Shelianna Whiteberry: LOMAO

[21:40] Naomi Dubrovna: oh no they called more of heir dumb ho friends

[21:40] Persephone Bolissima: the children of our country are far more intellegent than these wenches

[21:40] Trishella Skytower: girl im 19 get the fuck...

[21:41] Persephone Bolissima: uh

[21:41] Shelianna Whiteberry: im sure everyone here see you 2 as a joke

[21:41] Michella Ellis: they just some bukkake hoes with fifth disease

[21:41] Naomi Dubrovna sighs

[21:41] Miel Eberhart: Woo Hoo

[21:41] Shelianna Whiteberry: LMAO

[21:41] Colette Courtois: Hooooooooooooooooooo !!!!!!

[21:41] Persephone Bolissima: who is this man in a women's hair standing next to me

[21:41] Persephone Bolissima: i told you Naomi

[21:41] Persephone Bolissima: they never met a real man

[21:41] Naomi Dubrovna laughs

[21:41] Trishella Skytower: lol

[21:42] Persephone Bolissima: thats hwy they confuse men with women

[21:42] Mohaghany Farrjones: delicious!!

[21:42] Delicious Dollinger: Mooooooo

[21:42] Persephone Bolissima: oh wait[

21:42] Persephone Bolissima: he has tits

[21:42] BloodDragon Dagger: Whot??? <(o.O)>

[21:42] Michella Ellis: oh your men

[21:42] Miel Eberhart: hug my connection

[21:42] Persephone Bolissima: its a Butch

[21:42] Michella Ellis is LaFfIn MY ASS OFF,hahahaha, where'D It Go !!! ,AnY bOdY SEeN My ASS!!!!!

[21:42] Michella Ellis: should have known

[21:42] Trishella Skytower: Your ugly im not even going to waist my time on you ugly ass hoess EXCUSE ME whores*

[21:42] Michella Ellis: since you dont got voice

[21:42] Naomi Dubrovna: lol the ghetto tribe has arrived

[21:42] Michella Ellis: chicks with dicks

[21:42] Persephone Bolissima: we goin

[21:42] Persephone Bolissima: BACK to the hood

[21:42] Persephone Bolissima: hahaha

[21:42] Delicious Dollinger: Please do

[21:43] Delicious Dollinger: yes

[21:43] Persephone Bolissima: i told you they were workin on street corners

[21:43] Mohaghany Farrjones: loll

[21:43] Michella Ellis: !!BITCHSLAPPED!!!

[21:43] Naomi Dubrovna: dontyou ghetto bishes got like 10 kids to feed

[21:43] Trishella Skytower: Lol So What You Wish You Was One Dumb Blonde..

[21:43] Michella Ellis: !!BITCHSLAPPED!!!

[21:43] Naomi Dubrovna: what you doing online?

[21:43] Shelianna Whiteberry: one for me 2

[21:43] Persephone Bolissima: look

[21:43] Persephone Bolissima: they cant even come up

[21:43] Persephone Bolissima: with their own insults

[21:43] Persephone Bolissima: so they had their friends come

[21:43] Persephone Bolissima: with prewritten gestures

[21:43] Michella Ellis: !!BITCHSLAPPED!!!

[21:43] Shelianna Whiteberry: nooo

[21:43] Naomi Dubrovna: they have to use gestures

[21:43] Persephone Bolissima: they got from the freebie shop

[21:43] Shelianna Whiteberry: JKI(ng

[21:43] Shelianna Whiteberry: ]

[21:43] Shelianna Whiteberry: LOL

[21:43] Trishella Skytower: lolol

[21:43] Mohaghany Farrjones: delicious i didnt know u had 10 kids

[21:43] Mohaghany Farrjones: dam

[21:44] Persephone Bolissima: 10 kids from workin too many corners without a condom

[21:44] Delicious Dollinger: rite where my money @

[21:44] Delicious Dollinger: lawd

[21:44] Naomi Dubrovna: yeah well I guess when you have the brain capacity of a 5 year old you cant come up with your own lines

[21:44] Persephone Bolissima: this is true

[21:44] Shelianna Whiteberry: LOL

[21:44] Delicious Dollinger: she gonna look at me and pop off

[21:44] Trishella Skytower: lol

[21:44] Delicious Dollinger: AT me????!?!?!?!??!

[21:44] Delicious Dollinger giggles

[21:44] Persephone Bolissima: ok we better get out of here Naomi

[21:44] Persephone Bolissima: before they

[21:44] Persephone Bolissima: make us look bad

[21:44] Trishella Skytower: look wa ybetter than you two bitches

[21:44] Persephone Bolissima: so many of them ugly btiches now

[21:44] Persephone Bolissima: they gonna make us look bad sittin around them

[21:44] Trishella Skytower: your probally fat wishing you looked good rl

[21:44] Shelianna Whiteberry: you look bad already

[21:44] Delicious Dollinger: you did that when you logged on

[21:44] Trishella Skytower: eating major snickers

[21:45] Naomi Dubrovna: i KNOW LOL

[21:45] Delicious Dollinger giggles

[21:45] Naomi Dubrovna: laughs

[21:45] Mohaghany Farrjones: wtf

[21:45] Persephone Bolissima: their comebacks make our insults look bad as well

[21:45] Persephone Bolissima: its so horrible

[21:45] Trishella Skytower: not cool for oyu health ladies

[21:45] Delicious Dollinger: I couldn't help you with your *CENSORED* up

[21:45] Ranger Upshaw is Offline

[21:45] Persephone Bolissima: they cant even argue intellegently

[21:45] Delicious Dollinger giggles

[21:45] Persephone Bolissima: your right

[21:45] Trishella Skytower: Giggles....

[21:45] Persephone Bolissima: she even laughs like a baby Naomi

[21:45] Delicious Dollinger: mic upSir

[21:45] Naomi Dubrovna: hahahaha

[21:45] Persephone Bolissima: ok

[21:45] Delicious Dollinger: Mic up Sir*

[21:45] Trishella Skytower: Look Frenchie...

[21:45] Persephone Bolissima: bye bitches, before my sl crashes loadin up all that ugly

[21:45] Mirari Cheney: LOL!

[21:45] Shelianna Whiteberry: gwell if they only can hear

[21:46] BloodDragon Dagger: lo l

[21:46] Naomi Dubrovna: ok time to leave the ghetto trash with their comeback gestures[21:46] Shelianna Whiteberry: nice

[21:46] Persephone Bolissima: bye ghetto trash, maybe you work enough corners you can get to the suburbs

[21:46] Trishella Skytower: ...

[21:46] Trishella Skytower: Rotfl. Wow.

[21:46] Delicious Dollinger: >.>

[21:46] Naomi Dubrovna: and start shopping out of the freebie stores

[21:46] Shelianna Whiteberry: lol

[21:46] Persephone Bolissima: its so funny when you speak the truth

[21:46] Persephone Bolissima: peopl cant make a comeback

[21:47] Llana Schwade: Ye fucking gods what the fuck was that

[21:47] Delicious Dollinger: later Altshave fun

[21:47] Delicious Dollinger: “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” Coco Channel

[21:47] Llana Schwade: Please tell me they didn't really think they looked good

[21:48] Shelianna Whiteberry: lol

[21:48] Llana Schwade: Please tell me that was some very good theater.

[21:48] Llana Schwade: My faith in humanity depends on it

[21:48] Kit Henhouse is Online

[21:49] Shelianna Whiteberry: lol

[21:49] BloodDragon Dagger shouts: psst Mir

[21:49] BloodDragon Dagger: lmao

[21:49] Shelianna Whiteberry: i like here

Thursday, March 19, 2009


oh yeah this outfit I'm tellin ya... woot it rocks and honestly i am not usually wearing this sort of thing but this one... i love. Wow Cas you dun hit the nail on the head! Seriously you need to check out Vampart... he has shops in a few places... SR for one! The rest im not tellin! lol cuz well I'd like ya to shop at SR of course!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's time I guess

ok so nothing like dirty laundry right? I had not planned to even blog about this but apparently it needs to be done, so hang onto your seats... try to keep up cuz I'm only gonna bother with this one time.
Ok here goes.... Guy A... was a friend... he fell in SLove with someone and neglected the friendship.. I tried to stay friends... but he was too wrapped up in his slove thing.. ok that's fine it's all good.. I didn't get mad... i just stopped trying. So he comes back when his Slove went bad...admits he neglected... promises he wont do it again PROMISES... that's the key word... spends a couple days saying he isn't gonna do it again doesn't want to be in slove again blah blah... so... lol and I should have known... he does do it again... slove strikes... or maybe it was slust who knows.. at any rate.. he broke his promise. In the mean time the object of his new interest decides to make it about her... guess wasn't about her... but hey I'm guessing it made her feel good to play victim. She did something.. that decidedly made me question her loyalty to SR... and that coupled with the crap she was spreading made me ban her... now maybe i was being bitchy but in the end she proved me right as to my reasons for banning her.
the after shock... another "friend" one who had been grumpy and moody... and difficult.. suddenly jumps in my shit... says he knows "my side" hmm odd cuz he didn't hear it from me... nope he never asked me. So between the two of them they are spreading nasty shit... lol here's the thing ... 1. I don't give a shit who fucks who... i just don't....its pixels people ffs who cares.
2. the person that made it about her... did that all on her own... again lemme repeat just in case i forgot to say it I DON'T give a good GD who is Fecking who.
So all things considered... the drama she is creating... do you really need to ask why she is banned? I mean you haven't seen me out crying to everyone listening that she was wronged and i was mad cuz she was doing that guy .. plz seriously....i haven't said shit till now,, and this is gonna be the only time and the last cuz honestly I'm sick to death of this.
Move on people get over it grow up and fecking move on.

So... theres my mini version of the crap... Now... i didn't put this here to play victim...I do not expect nor really want anyone to feel sorry for me.. cuz i own up to my part in this... some people probably never will but hey that's kewl if playing victim and creating drama is your thing then more power to ya. Myself I'm moving forward from this ... none of the parties involved will be on my mind. I am moving on with MY SL... I'd suggest everyone do the same.

Oh and about the banning.... hmm so why be so upset about being banned? Seems to me.... I may have made the right decision... because honestly if a person creates this much drama over being banned from one club... what would they have done if allowed to be in the club....something to ponder isnt it?
Have a nice day :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Primitive Designs

OK now that i'm done wading through the bs littered around SL in the form of some people and their avi's... i can actually talk about clothes... yes clothes woot.... Primitive Designs... rawr love that store. If your looking for poofy fou fou dresses and girlie stuffs... dun go there though. If you want kick ass jeans.. tanks and stuffs then yus run do not walk to get there!

Friday, February 27, 2009

blah blah blah

yah ok so i bit the bullet so to speak and upgraded Sanctuary Rock to a class 5 sim.... this wasnt an easy decision... but something that i saw as important. Rebuilding the mall is a headache... at least it's mostly Chav's lol. anywho... drop in check out the reduced lag yay its awesome.
I know i should write more but i'm so not in a blogging mood.

song for the day ... Richie Kotzen- you can't save me.

I sold my soul
Just so I could feel paid
I broke my heart
So I couldn't feel pain
I lost my faith
'Coz I can't justify the wait
I've got no hope
That's only for losers and fakes
I'm nothing but user
And none abuser
You don't wanna know what's on my mind
I know I'm just a fool
but I'm not foolin',I'm not afraid of make fool out of my self
Fuck your money
Fuck your fame
Fuck my life
I'll walk away
Fuck our love
Fuck I'm sorry for anything i've ever done
You can’t save me
You better keep yourself to someone else
Fading, I’m just fallin' into my condition
Faded, you better put your time in somethin’ else
Save me, but don’t worry about it now
Better save your-fucking-self
I lost my mind
Just so I could escape
I still got time
But I know, is too late
I still got friends
To tell me I'm ok
I still alive
But I keep on testing fate
I'm nothing but user
And none abuser
You don't wanna know what's on my mind
I'm nothing but a fool
but I'm not foolin'
I'm not afraid of make fool out of my self
Fuck your money
Fuck your fame
Fuck my life
I'll walk away
Fuck our love
Fuck I'm sorry for anything i've ever done
You can't save me
You better keep your self to someone else
FadedI'm just fallin' into my condition
Failed, you better put you time in something else
Save me, but don't worry about it now, you better save your-fucking-self
Try just a little,
understand what I'm telling you
I'm not what you think
Start it off
Do the right thing
Life got in the way
You don't know what to say
I'm not asking why
You can’t save me
You better give yourself to someone else
Fading, I’m just fallin’ into my condition
Faded, you better put your time in somethin’ else
Save me, but don’t worry about it now
Better save your fuckin’ self

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Yah know.. we all have the right to talk to who we wish... be friends with who we wish... I certainly excercise mine. It may be hard to understand but i simply refuse to deal with those that have caused drama at SR in the past. Honestly.. why would i wish to be friends with such a person or anyone that hangs out with them. Extreme perhaps... but my choice. People can think what they wish.. but I honestly actually dislike few people.. and if i do dislike someone.. there is a reason, I may not always tell you why .. or i might give you partial reasons but in the end it is my choice. Love me or hate me.. i dont much give a shit one way or another to be honest. And then there are the liars... those that dont tell the truth.. probably couldnt tell it if they were dying... seriously lol why lie about shit? Even in SL you will get caught. someone recently said i needed to look at myself... -grins- So... hmm maybe you need to be honest with yourself and you might see why i was the way i was. oh and trust me i know all my faults quite well... but i am not given to lack of trust with out reason. Honestly you were so not worth the time or effort.

Ok thats my bitch for awhile.

Monday, January 26, 2009

A New Place

Ok so a friend took me to this place and wow just wow... the build is awesome.... if you like dancing... then you'll love this.. the dances float.. and turn in slow circles... you have this sense of floating in space... or water... the build is by Beowulf Munro... and honestly its a must see! the pictures don't do it justice. Make sure to explore...find the stairs and go up them lots of dances hidden around, the mood is... relaxing! It's called IntOblivion you can find a link in Beowulf's pics... or im me in game ill pass it along.... she has a donation box up... leave a lil appreciation behind if you like it.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Stuff

ok so.. we had gotten a legal sploder at SR.. woohoo and yet a few long time staff members commented that it was boring to look at.. so i set out to find a new sploder... and thought... SR=music=guitar yes yes i know.. but thats how my mind works sometimes... so I contacted Ortho vargas of OD designs who makes the best guitars in SL. He then built us a BCRich Warlock...customized for SR.. super sized of course... Brandi Cazalet the Sploder creator.. made us a new sploder to go with the guitar... and thus our new bigger better sploder was born. OD Designs will also be giving away normal sized versions of the guitar a couple times a week... I am excited! So be sure to stop in and have a look... and watch the event system for times when we'll be giving one away. Thanks to those that helped OD Designs... Brandi Cazlet.. UC.. Eme and Falcone.. you guys rock!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


late night i'm sitting here looking at videos...yah im making trips down memory lane as it case your wanting to knwo what i was watching well here goes...
1. The song my dad played to me each night when he dj'd and i was like was the signal he was coming home.

2. Same thing here ... except i was older... each night he would say M I'm coming home.. and play this song.

3. This i loved before and it kind of became my song for him... beautiful song.

4. This... well so many reasons... my Dad... the people i have come to know in SL....and RL those that have come and gone....yah it rocks.

no meaning to this one really....just a awesome song.

One of the BEST covers ever.. period.

says a lot to me

my current fav song if you've listened to me dj lately im sure you may have noticed lol