Saturday, October 29, 2011


Yi.. means Gift... mhm  every day is a gift...every breath one takes....just everything. Sometimes it doesn't seem like it, but it is. any way that's enough of me getting all  silly I wanted to show off Yi.. my Kabuki 'roo.. a gift from Locke :)  She is purdy! she is the white one the lower one well that's my Emporer.. Elvis.. - grin- mhm Elvis is alive and well and living as a Meeroo on mah sim!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Wish

So I was reading a friends blog .. she recently lost her father and  the pain for her is still raw , like a wound, fresh, trying to scab over and heal but you move and  there it goes again.  I wish I had the magic words for her, fact is I don't, no one does, sure I could say look Momma, I'm a old pro at this.. lost my 2nd born daughter, lost my Mother, my father, my husband, his parents, my grandparents, but fact is, everyone has to go through it themselves, everyone has to deal, to experience the pain, the emotions all of it.  I can offer my hand, my shoulder, my ear to be there when she needs to share, yes that I can do.  But those steps, much like the first steps a child takes are ones she must take in her own way, her own time.  It's a helpless feeling sometimes, wishing you could make things better when you cant, knowing you have to let them go through this and just be there.  I can say .. yes, though you may not believe it at this moment, there is a light at the end of this tunnel, one that will shine again, when your ready.  There will come a day, slowly when you smile more than cry.  When the memories hurt less.  Be patient with yourself, don't be  too hard on yourself.  Allow yourself to remember, to work through those memories.  And remember I am always here, and always willing to listen.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Onward and up.. er somewhere

So I have decided no more angry posts I'm so over it all... on to happy things fun things..  Roos? yup we haz them and we enjoy them.  I noted in Guen's blog she has been involved in some new and exciting things and I am happy for her, always good to see people further their SL work :) Way to go Guen! Kudos are usually in short supply so well done and congratz. I have not posted here much been  posting in the other  one I made which is simply clothes ... yes me and clothing in sl a long term love affair.  I hope to get out and explore a bit more now that things are settling down into a nice quiet place.  That is if I can drag Mr. Procrastination away from the roos and off the sim lol.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I don't Care

I know negative sounding title , but in truth it is more me saying, hey people, I don't give a  damn any more about who djs where who's doing what with whom or where.. seriously live and let live, I spent so much time giving multitudes of  chances to people who did nothing but treat me like shit behind my back, and now... I'd just appreciate being left alone.  I am content, happy, and  seriously that's what every one's SL should be.. happy and fun yes?  Friends? well if you really are one then by all means  holler, drop an im ... you might be surprised how much  people can change when not faced with the endless bs they were before. :)  On ward and upward yes?

Saturday, October 8, 2011

And So

Someone said i should do a fashion blog.. ok well that's a great idea except everyone and their brother does one, and although I tend to go buy the latest items offered from my favorite designers, I usually don't wear them immediately, yep I am slow. But I started one anyway so.. all daily outfits will be there from now on be prepared for older stuff lol. Link is in my list to the side :P