Saturday, July 16, 2011


Ok so I've been thinking a lot last couple days and I feel the need to just sit down and type this out, it is about the one thing in SL that just absolutely baffles me... So, a rl married couple, been together a good number of years, are suddenly experiencing some issues. True I dont know all of it, but the things I do know are this, one of them had SL partnerships to others, one has not that I know of. Suddenly that one who hasn't, meets a 23 year old girl yep I call a 23 year old a girl, they aren't that mature yet no matter how you slice it. So, suddenly there is drama going on the partner who met this lil chick is suddenly ending his rl marriage and so on. Now, maybe the other party is jealous, perhaps too jealous, and maybe one could say whats good for one should be good for the other. Here in lies my issue.... is some lil girl who hasn't a clue about how relationships work worth giving up a long standing marriage? Does the one who has had partners in SL have a right to even be upset? I don't know ... I guess this all goes back to what I have said all along.. Married people have no business fooling around in SL... someone always gets hurt. Marriages can be ruined, children upset, you name it, it can happen. This saddens me, and strengthens my beliefs on the married in RL = single in SL.