Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thoughts For Today's time, I need to just write about somethings that bother me on some level or another.
1. Blindness... I don't mean as in cant see... no I mean people who cannot see anything but themselves, and what they need, what they feel..mhm reminds me of the teenage anthem.."what about meeeee..what about my feelings". Seriously this type of person would decide this is about them even if it wasn't why? because EVERY thing is about them dammit and your attempt to hurt them.
2. Victims...again not true victims... but those that see the world as hurting them... everything and everyone hurts them, and they cry and whine to anyone that will listen about everyone that's ever hurt them...because they also usually fall into the 1st category. They also fall into the next one.
3. Drama Queens. Mhm you all know who and what they are... running around bad mouthing everyone, always complaining, their life real and second is always in turmoil, and it's always someone Else's fault. Oh wait isn't that a victim? lol I guess Victim really does = drama queen.

Am I perfect? lol not even close.. I'm stubborn...I have a hella temper...I also have moments of some of the afore mentioned traits... I think everyone does...though usually they move on and deal with what ever is bothering them.

Ok I guess that's about all i have to say on it...I'd mention that these are just thoughts and not related to anyone but eh at least 10 people will say omg Mir's bad mouthing me!

Monday, May 11, 2009

I think I am in Love....

with a jean outfit..... muah ha ha ha you thought I was gonna say myself! admit it! No I found this store not too long ago.. Little Britain.. and wow ... just wow..awesome clothes and boots! omg boots! So I think i bought about a third of the outfits in the store...[that's a low estimate lol ]
The Boots ... I'm collecting them! Ok so they have lucky chairs a free outfit every week... camping chairs.... so over all it's a fun place to hang out... next to mine that is. So the owners/creators Ivica and Drummer... really nice people by the way... I contacted Ivica about making a outfit for Sanctuary Rock... cuz i love love love their outfits... ACDC, Metalica, ad so on.. and with the help of Joppem Tulip who made the new club logo... [which kicks ass I must say]
So Ivica and Drummer made this denim outfit for me.... at this point my managers and 4 other people have them... thats it... I'll be giving them away now and then as special Thank yous are in order here... to Joppem for making the logo and remaking the logo [yah I'm a pain in the ass] and to Little Britian [Ivica and Drummer] for pulling it all together and making the outfit! Wanna check the store out? Search Little Britian or im me in world I will gladly give you the LM!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Who Ya Gonna Call?! Bot Hunters!

ok so.... lol I have become a bot hunter of sorts oh yes it's actually quite fun... so there is this club that has suddenly appeared out of nowhere.. in search right on my ass... so I'm looking at their.. map and hmm its odd looking so investigating we went...odd place that is... you stand there.. and these dots look like they are below you about 10m.. and yet they are not there... hmmmm eventually after much searching my partner went up and wow there they were on top of this mega prim box that surrounds the sim... somehow making them look as if they are at almost ground level not up so high.... now for the gritty part... the bots... lol most were naked... xcite parts on.. a tent with a 4some bed was there too... even a tiger... bestiality anyone? so any way at least I know they didn't show up for real traffic.. oh now... they are runny bot porn? omg the latest in SL perversions? Bot porn hmmmm something to think about. Wanna know which club? IM me in world I'll tell ya -grinz-

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rude Stuff

ok so in all of my almost 3 years in SL I had never gone and camped... nope not once.... I know hard to believe... so today I did... and I actually survived it...-chuckles- yus indeed I did... so I like a fool decide ok that wasn't so bad I'll go back and attempt to earn the other item i wanted... right so this ass decides to slide his rather rude self into the chair... now... I wouldn't have cared except I had waited a hour....mind you I know others wait longer but I am not in the habit of doing the whole chair thing let alone wait... so I im the guy and I say this..
[2009/05/06 14:48] Mirari Cheney: ass
[2009/05/06 14:49] Rivier Oconnell: fuck you loser
[2009/05/06 14:49] Rivier Oconnell: ill report ya
[2009/05/06 14:49] Rivier Oconnell: for being a baddd sport
[2009/05/06 14:49] Rivier Oconnell: just FYI lucky and camping chairs are games[2009/05/06 14:49] Mirari Cheney: waited for an hour
[2009/05/06 14:49] Mirari Cheney: did you?
[2009/05/06 14:49] Mirari Cheney: jerk

oh wasn't he mature and pleasant? I mean wow lol did he feel just a lil like the piece of crap he is? I mean honestly his reaction was a tad overkill. So yah I sent the log to one of the estate managers... told her to ban me if need be... I guess I'll not be doing camping again not with pukes like that guy around... sadly people like him.. probably don't spend a linden in the stores they haunt.