Thursday, October 15, 2009

Amusing isn't it?

I find it amusing to read profiles... and even more so when I come across something so blatantly full of shit i have to comment... so I'm reading and I see someone say.." there are 2 sides to every story.. get to know both" lol ok so hrm.. that person has run around my club crying on shoulders... in an attempt to gain friends and create the drama they so claim to dislike... I am amazed every day by this type of shit.. seriously I am.

Monday, October 12, 2009


So.. someone told me long ago on SL... those who cry and rant and go on about Drama in their profiles.... are in actuality the ones who perpetuate it, seem to be smothered in it. And the longer I exist in this virtual world, the more i come to realize they were indeed correct.
Watch people sometime, read profiles... see if it doesn't ring true for you.

It's kinda like someone claiming they care, then finding out they were talking shit about ya behind your back all the while.......remember that old song... " they smile in your face, all the while they wanna take your place... backstabbers" mhm it is so true at times.

It's like an ultimate betrayal, least in my book to tell someone you care and -gasp- even love them then turn around and at the same time tell others crap about the person your claiming to care about.. wow just wow, I'm not sure even I could be that shitty.

So on to bigger and better things yes? Believe it or not, my sl doesn't revolve around running around trying to destroy people, or at the very least make them look bad. Most people make themselves look bad all on their own.

Party on Rockers...

Thursday, October 1, 2009


lol mhm i can tell who that comment came from... so I'm told my blog created drama... -chuckles- good excuse toots ain't holding water and here's why..... 1. no names mentioned...
and lol if someone got upset about something i wrote... then perhaps they need to step back and look at why... if it wasn't in some way true it wouldn't bother you, so if i write about oh lets say.... the vultures of sl... and you take offense then i'd say you are one in some way or at least behave in a similar fashion... cuz if you didn't... it wouldn't bother you.
Victims... mhm I'm seeing one ... man lets talk about trying to play innocent... lol yah right and I'm a saint.
i could have not published that comment about the tags but it's all good i am pretty sure i know who it came from lol and had she not been guilty she wouldn't have felt the need to defend herself and not leave a name.
What you people don't get is... mhm sometimes i do write about people around me... my opinions... this is a blog that's something blogs are about... opinions... but you wont see me use a name, you wont see me give hints cuz that's not how i roll.
Now... I am putting this little chapter behind me, some people, some things are so not worth the time to write about them or the situation. Any further drama coming from them will be handled differently.
have a great day!