Monday, April 27, 2009

Quick Hide The Bots

So if you follow LL blogs you have seen that they are going to begin policing the use of bots to increase traffic...well I'm all for that... but I have to wonder how they plan to do club I tp'd to today... had 6 people that could not be accounted for... another... wow like 20 people all clustered up in the air... they sure as hell were not in the club -chuckles- hell the owner dances with a bot... it's amazing to me that you want traffic so badly that you would lie to get it.... so .. that makes you the best at what?... hmmm cant be music... no one there listening.. mall? nah its empty too.... so that makes you best at lying i guess. I know I have blogged about this many times... but it never ceases to amuse me...seriously like people cant see when they tp in that hmm the other 28 people the map showed aren't in the club? It's like saying eh lets use bots people are too stupid to notice there are only maybe 4 people in the club all are staff.. wow so wheres the party then? oh up in that box where the bots are huh? And Vendors.... wow they are paying for traffic that really doesnt exist and paying high prices too! I guess I just don't get it.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yah I know Mz Bitchalot is on a roll

so...back when Daisy still owned SR and continuing on now... event sponsorships were and are usually reserved for our vendors... I mean honestly, they pay rent... they help keep SR alive,so why wouldn't we mention them 1st? I mean really think about it, so we have always operated on the general rule that if it's a vendor who isn't in our mall, then they have to offer something we don't already have, and I have always felt that to be fair. People just don't get that I guess, and want to piss and moan and say shit .. well here's my take on it 1. If I don't know you 2. If you don't rent from me 3. If you don't provide something different. then hrm.... sorry I'm just not interested. Ok so maybe that makes me a bitch to some, but again I look out for my vendors. SR Mall has been redone and is currently full, SR has pure traffic... meaning no bots no campers... no malls close by on a different parcel that makes the mall look like your kicking ass... our numbers are what is... actual counts and I'm proud of that... my staff kicks ass daily .. with out them it would just be the rock. So renting at SR... means all those people will see your items... they may go shop at your main store... but your creations do get viewed!

Rant #2

tags... it always amazes me when people come in with staff tags from other clubs.. I mean honestly.. I personally find that rude... I mean I take mine off if I happen to visit another club, if nothing else i wear no tag... I try very hard to show some respect. To be honest when i see this happening, at SR, or other clubs I have to wonder if people aren't there creating trouble... trying to gather up business what have you. With out that tag you'd probably escape notice anyway lol but yah it's just plain old rude.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

And now for the downside of vendors

Yah know someone talked me into buying this DJ board once.. and I did so reluctantly... 1. it isn't very user friendly.... and now i find the creator isn't very user helpful.... you pull up his profile and find a bunch of crap about going to manuals finding a help phrase and then maybe then he might help you.. lol well I'm sorry i don't have time for that crap and I certainly don't have time for vendors who then insult me.... so yah board is going down from SR... I'll find something better... and would i suggest you buy this mans crap? nope not by a long shot... unless of course you want to be called unintelligent by someone who makes themselves completely inaccessible, because they seem to feel they are better than everyone else. Would i reccomend a SHX board? Um NO guess not.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

DV8 Spells..... Yummeh!

ok I had been there before .. indeed i had.. bought a couple things... but last night oi lol I went to get something neon for the 10pm event.. and wound up spending.. well a lot let's just say. I joked with one of the owners Dysturbed Syn, what a nice man ... and I got to meet his Partner Vasha... truly a nice lady as well... I mean wow they just rock. They gave me certificates to give away at my event... truly their kindness was unexpected and impressive! So yah peeps... run don't walk to the store... lots of kick ass stuffs there... latex in yummy colors... hair... even a neko tail and ears...I myself got to the riot vendor this morning and snagged a pack of their newest latex outfit for 40L woot cant beat a deal like that and we all got to rub up on the vendor and each other! What are you waiting for? gooooooo shop!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Grid Wide Hunts

Ok .. hunts they are all the rage I guess you could say... and they can be fun... you meet new people see some new shops....but..and don't get me wrong this has nothing to do with the awesome vendors who donate their items cuz they seriously rock!.but... those groups attached to the hunt itself I'm telling you.... i joined one for the bunny hop..indeed i did , and for the most part... people were helpful, but on the flip side people were also rude....and i watched as time after time people belittled others... made them feel stupid for asking. People that joined 2 days prior and TYPED ALL IN CAPS because they are too ignorant to realize that denotes yelling have the nerve to smart off and treat people like shit... yah it happens and it's really sad. Guess that tells me not to join the damn groups right? right! As to the hunts eh I'll still end up doing them though honestly i don't need the stuff I mean come on lol my inventory is already at 63k and that's after deleting a ton of things. And they always end up costing me cuz i find things to buy, i may not always buy at the moment I'm there, often i go back later but still it's a sale right? So that brings me to one more gripe...and trust me people whom i consider awesome and friends do this... but um... why make the things so damn hard to find? I mean honestly... you agreed to give something away, then you hide it so it cant be ok so if it takes me 2 hours to find something then I'm probably not gonna come back to your store to shop.. why? well if you make it that hard to find something free why the heck should i come freely give you my lindens? I mean one hunt i never even went on because i couldn't find the 1st item, and that's pretty damn sad, oh and wait.. it gets better... so you decide too many people are finding it too easily so you move it and put up a "cheater's" sign ok so.. that means because people used... omg that group! they are cheaters? wow.. ok i think thats pretty shitty myself. And nope I'm not tooting horns here but when staff at SR wears something people see it...and remember SR is pure traffic.. no bots no campers so traffic of 40k is really 40k not 30k plus campers and bots, best free honest advertising a shop can get. OK lol I'm done bitching for today.. just a warning about those groups and their "helpers" remember people ... we were all new at something once... lets hope someone was kind to you when you were.