Monday, September 28, 2009

I can see clearly now

Funny how suddenly everything comes into focus isn't it? I got handed a pack of lies.... and now... lol mhm i know it, I see you for what you are. How the high and mighty fall.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Oh and one more thing

lol I left an important gripe out... I am reminded today as one of the dj's gives special treatment to the person who does this very thing....,

People that wear their club tag... at other clubs... see i consider this a common courtesy thing, and I am not the only one... many do... especially owners, seriously people... would you like me to stand in your club wearing my "sanctuary Rock owner" tag, let along the plain SR tag? Oh but it gets better.... it really does.... not only does this particular club owner do this.... she had the nerve to im me one day asking about one of my djs because she wanted him to work at her club... wow just wow... social ignorance i guess.... troll for staff much? Seriously this maybe SL but some rules apply here just as RL least in my mind.... I guess some just don't much give a shit.

What , you might be asking yourself... did I say to said person... honestly for once i bit my tongue and said nothing.. I wanted to, but given her behavior thus far I'm guessing bitching her out would have gone right over her head.

Sad isn't it?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's Been Awhile

So it's been awhile.... yah i've been quiet.... I don't tend to run around bashing and shit as much as people think I do. So I have some things I've been mulling about lol oh yah look out here comes the rambling shit.

So lets see... 1st off the top of my head,

1. People who claim people copy thier look.... lolok 1st... this is SL everyone wears the same shit people.... good lord they see it on you in a club and they buy it, everyone shops in the same damn stores... and when you accuse someone of stealing your look lol check your bod 1st... plz...they have prolly been around longer you and aint stealing shit from you,and a lil hint... lol some of you I recall when you were noobs at SR and you didnt have " that look" you claim for yours, maybe YOU should get your own look!

2. Drama queens... yah we have a few about the club... mhm they think I dont notice or get told about them... running around crying to people about how mean I am and that I hate them wah wah wah... bishes plz... what you dont see is the people laughing at you because of your behavior.

3. Oh here's a good one... the chick... everyone knows at least 1 I'm sure.... she makes sure she weasles her way in and makes friends with all the guys... your guy your best friends guy .... mhm then trouble starts... always the same.. always happens.

4. ohhh the " People warned me about you!... Your friends my friends your Mom.... all warned me about you" lol um then why you talking to me? ok moving on.

5. The he said she said game.... boy meets girl... they get together.. then they break up... he bashes her to everyone.... mhm you heard me... funny thing... All I have to say is... nice guy just not the guy for me. nuff said on that.

6. The alt game.... gotta love when alts appear... 2 days old decked out in all the best sl has to offer... mhm you know the ones... so obvious they are alts.

So ok maybe thats enough if mirisms for today lol hpe yours is a great one!