Saturday, March 24, 2012

Something I need to do

So I decided to steal a idea from Ley's.... I am going to start working on mentioning people and why they are memorable in my sl and yes even sometimes my rl, no, this isn't going to be a bash fest, though some taught me things in perhaps a not so great way :)
So let me start this with someone who is no longer in SL but  was  my 1st bestest buddy in sl.
Daisy-You taught me so much, you drug me along on a hell of a ride, I miss the fun we used to have, the crazy things we would find to get up to in game.  I miss hearing you dj, even if you sounded like a 15 year old lol.
I thank you for teaching me many things, to trust, to be the bad guy and know that even if people never get that it was indeed a act for the most part, that's ok, I did what I was asked to do, maybe too well but meh.  When you left for personal reasons, it felt like  my heart was breaking, and indeed a light went out of my SL as it did many others. For a time my SL was a better place thanks to you :)  You taught me to trust when I didn't, and to be brave enough to let my hair down now and then.