Friday, February 18, 2011

The Usual or..Another Day Another Lie

Ok so we all know SL is like a breeding ground for anyone wanting to study Psychology especially abnormal behavior. I mean seriously people come into the game, and suddenly they lose their morals, they become cyber addicts, they lie, cheat and yep some steal. Now to blame it all on sl is wrong. I mean the behaviors have to come from somewhere already right? When in SL it seems because there are no consequences people just suddenly become players, whores and ... eh not so nice people.


here's an amusing example

guy: oh i was such a player before i met you but i want to change that now.

translation: Yeah I wanna shag your avi rotten and I'll say what ever i need to say to get the job done.

Example 2
person- I'm stepping back i didn't listen I've fallen for you and i know ,i know you said not to, so I'm going to step back, and be friends like you said.

translation- you didn't give me what I want fast enough so go away now I need to go get laid, and will have you replaced in a few hours.

wait though it gets better... when confronted they say... but you made me feel like i was good enough to fuck and nothing else you hurt me... lol seriously? after admitting what a man ho you are and your gonna say that shit? not to mention lie when your saying it? lol wise up dude seriously...sooner or later people will realize what a lying whining piece of shit you really are

*takes a deep breath then smiles* ok onward we go

lol anyway I have learned.. people don't really change much no matter what they say, not in sl anyway, once a lying.. cheating man ho always one.. lol leopards dun change their spots ladies, and no matter what you think, your probably not gonna be the one to change him.

Stealing.. well Ive ranted about copy bots and all that so many times but yeah stealing peoples designs sucks and it's wrong. Thee are people in here that earn a living on what they make, it's tough to do when people steal your designs. It sucks.. nuff said.

Belated V Day look..
Hair- Truth
Dress,wings - Sn@tch
skin - AMD
socks- WWI
Boots - Last Edan

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Ok i have some gripes but lol I'm gonna save them this pic was done by Kehl Razor for his shop Razorblade jacket wow is all I can say he made the avi look good!
1st time I have modeled!