Monday, January 26, 2009

A New Place

Ok so a friend took me to this place and wow just wow... the build is awesome.... if you like dancing... then you'll love this.. the dances float.. and turn in slow circles... you have this sense of floating in space... or water... the build is by Beowulf Munro... and honestly its a must see! the pictures don't do it justice. Make sure to explore...find the stairs and go up them lots of dances hidden around, the mood is... relaxing! It's called IntOblivion you can find a link in Beowulf's pics... or im me in game ill pass it along.... she has a donation box up... leave a lil appreciation behind if you like it.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Stuff

ok so.. we had gotten a legal sploder at SR.. woohoo and yet a few long time staff members commented that it was boring to look at.. so i set out to find a new sploder... and thought... SR=music=guitar yes yes i know.. but thats how my mind works sometimes... so I contacted Ortho vargas of OD designs who makes the best guitars in SL. He then built us a BCRich Warlock...customized for SR.. super sized of course... Brandi Cazalet the Sploder creator.. made us a new sploder to go with the guitar... and thus our new bigger better sploder was born. OD Designs will also be giving away normal sized versions of the guitar a couple times a week... I am excited! So be sure to stop in and have a look... and watch the event system for times when we'll be giving one away. Thanks to those that helped OD Designs... Brandi Cazlet.. UC.. Eme and Falcone.. you guys rock!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


late night i'm sitting here looking at videos...yah im making trips down memory lane as it case your wanting to knwo what i was watching well here goes...
1. The song my dad played to me each night when he dj'd and i was like was the signal he was coming home.

2. Same thing here ... except i was older... each night he would say M I'm coming home.. and play this song.

3. This i loved before and it kind of became my song for him... beautiful song.

4. This... well so many reasons... my Dad... the people i have come to know in SL....and RL those that have come and gone....yah it rocks.

no meaning to this one really....just a awesome song.

One of the BEST covers ever.. period.

says a lot to me

my current fav song if you've listened to me dj lately im sure you may have noticed lol