Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tiny Empires

It's amazing to me how people set rules.... and yet they get broken daily... hourly by the minute.... and all of those that break them... get away with it... and yet... I break a rule... and I am made an example of... -chuckles- I am truely the black queen.. black sheep... cat how ever you'd like to say it. My crime? Defending another Monarch.... and telling yet another to piss off for insulting the frist.... ok so perhaps i should have said nothing... like i usually do but ya know.. we all have our breaking point.. and i had reached mine. The punishment.. well theres the kicker... I was kicked out of the chat group for monarchs....for a week. Well heres the thing... if I am to be made an example of then ya best be doing the same to everyone else.... oh wait I forgot -smacks head- Im the back sheep what was I thinking? So when the punishment is up will I go back? nope I wont .. why? Well lets see.... my 1st morning out of the group has been peaceful.. wonderfully so.. and if i am to be made an example of then i'll just stay that example and stay out of the group... i dont need the headache... I just plain old dont need it..... so moral of the story.... if your not a top ten... then keep your mouth shut, and don't defend one of them cuz you'll be the one going down. At least thats what this whole lil episode has taught me. will I still play? You bet Im stubborn... and I worked too hard to toss it out the window. However i wont spend another linden to line anyones pocket on the game. That much you can bank on.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dirty Lynx

Another kick ass store... mhm go have a look see... dirty Lynx.....their web page is also in my links.


So it's been awhile since i talked about cool places to shop.. it's been awhile since i've done much but mhm I know... so I found this place awhile back.. she doesnt have tons of stuff but what she does have kicks ass....MASSIVE ATHAKS.. urban.. neko.. grunge.. yah her stuff is's worth searcrhing the name and going to have a look see.... I would suggest hitting the main shop.