Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Then and Now

Ok so I was just kinda thinking snapped a pic... love this chair.. had it a long time. Below is a pose same chair a little over 2 years ago lol.
In case your wondering, Hair-Truth-Boho,Skin-Sawode-Lisa,tan Outfit Delirium-Mir'ari, shoes-N-Core.Nails-Mandala. The chair is from Melino Style

Ok so this was then...7-12-08 seems a life time ago and my how the avi has changed

Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Blog

Blogs are what? A place people can write what they feel like writing. It is a virtual diary of sorts. Do I vent a lot in mine? mhm I do.. why? better here than yelling at people. I am reminded of something someone once told me ages ago... doesn't matter how much good you do, no one will ever remember it, they will instead remember only the worst moments. This is partly true and partly not, I don't completely agree nor disagree, instead I see it as a situational thing.
People will always judge, they judge you by the clothes you wear, the people you know, the places you hang out what have you, can you change it? sure you could but if you spent all your time changing things so people thought better of you then really are you still you? I know people in SL that others think the worst of... but ya know what? some of them I actually know better and I find that they are indeed not the person people paint them to be, do they do things to encourage the judgements... yep they do, and yet I know who and what they are.... and I allow them more space or rope than I would others. And no lol I'm not talking about myself, I'm talking about those in my SL that I have had experiences with, the ones who....for example didn't tell me the whole truth then came back and admitted it... forgive? sure.. forget? not so much.. move forward? mhm we have....we all have our less than shining moments... some of us have more than others but then again if we were all perfect what fun would life or sl for that matter be?
Blogs.. you have the right to read or not read... don't like mine? don't read it... I have some i enjoy, others I just don't bother with. If I wanted a cookie cutter blog about fashion and what not then I guess I'd do that, actually I have done a bit of that. Point is it's a free Internet...virtual world, world what have you so read or don't doesn't much matter to me.

In the end

In the end the comment makes ever so much more sense....the writer states what she "knows OF me" mhm so I am to assume then she knows what she had heard... the rumors the gossip, some true, most not, it's all good, what ever makes ya feel better about yourself. Personal attack? hardly...simply judgements passed by a person who doesn't bother to learn facts. Cant say I've never done it myself, I think we all have.


Ever wonder why people post comments insulting you then do so with out leaving a name? lol yeah right move along.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Win some Lose Some

I don't really know why I titled this post that , I guess it's just what popped in my head. Many things have occurred as of late that make me question why I even bother with SL. At the moment it isn't much fun, it's more of a headache really. People I thought of as friends, seem to have become distant. The usual BS happens, like a guy telling me my avi is "not bad" only to watch him hook up with a partnered chick, ok so hmm my avi would look better if I was partnered? wow shallow seriously.
Bridges have been burned, most beyond repair, and to be honest I'm not so sure I have it in me any more to even try.
Staff who are trying very hard to "take me down" as it were, but what they don't realize is that in trying to take me down, they are doing 2 things... 1, they are perpetuating drama, which is of course against our rules, but because it's been about me I haven't enacted the suspension rules, and 2, by doing what they are doing they are in fact destroying the club they profess to love so much.
What becomes apparent here is that I need to step back and live my RL, because in the end I simply refuse to play these games any more.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

To Some of you

I said it on air today and I'll say it there.. thank you to everyone that has
made SR a great place I appreciate you, but especially to those who refuse to play the "whisper" game, who do not come to play the drama game or the he said she said games, those that truely come because you enjoy the music and the people, 3> to you I admire those that rise above it all and simply enjoy.

On To The Next

ok so i spoke of drama... and wow here we are supposedly all adult... mhm hey i made a mistake I admit it, but wow the childish games never "friends" icy lil circles... no hellos.. tippig all the staff but one.. really people grow up seriously get over it and move the hell on. If I carried grudges for all the shit people did to me in SL hell I'd never speak to anyone. To err is human.. to forgive? Divine. Next time your behaving like a spoiled 2 year old stop and recall that line, might help you see past your petty shit.

And The Amusement Never Ends

Ah yes the wonderful fickle world of SL... one day they love you 2 days later they are partnered to... ohhh a club manager and professing their true love.. oh and wait it gets better dedicating the same tired ass song to them they did to you... I know right? -shakes head- will people never cease to amaze me.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

And So It Goes

So it's been a crappy week or so in my SL. Some of it self induced, some not.
Not in the mood to whine just to vent it and be done with it.
So first enter into my SL a guy mhm always a guy right? So guy #1 is all mysterious right.... new so you knew he was a alt, and something in my head said whoa you know this person, and it turned out I I did a stupid thing i used an example to make a point and in doing so I said something i should not have said... mhm I was wrong and I know this, and it is a cross I will bear for the rest of my days. Any way... the guy when i found out who he was.. and the lies he told... i was angry oh yes I was pissed.....and I talked to someone.. well that someone told someone and mhm he got caught, guess maybe i spoiled some of his plans who knows... maybe he needed to get caught. So he sent a log to someone of the thing I had no business saying.. mhm couldn't have seen that one coming... how "brotherly" like of him to show that to the person... somehow I don't think he had them at heart but hey that's my thoughts on it. so I pay the price for that, and I admit I did wrong.
So on to guy #2 mhm I admit I jumped too fast I shared things with him that in retrospect I shouldn't have but this man was so freaking suspicious... always questioning who i was talking to and so on, so i would show him just to get past it. So now he too shared a log of the 1st incident.. wow just wow go figure. There have been threats... over voice, in I'm... and seriously all I want is for him to just go away and leave me alone. Can I not have a quiet SL with out liars and people intent on doing me harm? Seriously people I am human here, and attacking me is getting really really old... Go away just go live your SL leave me out of it. Trust me lesson learned here, I wont be telling anyone shit ever again. If that makes people think I'm even more of a snob well so be it. It is what it has to be I guess.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

And So It Goes...

So awhile back I decided i would start doing employees of the month, 3 to be exact, host dancer and it's true I did not allow the managers to help, yes sometimes they gave me opinions but in the end I chose... why? because I did it not for a popularity contest... I did it as my way of trying to make everyone feel special.. apparently that was a bad thing to do. I didn't play favorites though I did start out giving the spots to the managers, why? cuz they work hard, harder than some realize. In time I would have covered everyone, I was working on it, and honestly the lindens i gave them each month, 500 each, not a huge amount but that was 1500L a month out of my pocket, not the clubs. So I guess it was a mistake, I guess people felt i was playing favorites, I'm going to guess those that bitched were those that hadn't been picked yet, and perhaps a ex manager or two who felt the need to vent. Any way thanks to those that complained and bitched I ended it, sadly I wont get to meet that goal of making everyone special, July will be the last month for the EOM's.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Drama Mama's

So I get an I'm today.. telling me someone showed up at another club they were working at and yelled some nonsense in chat that I had been given a piece of a&& for my birthday yesterday. OK first I got angry especially in light of being told it was one of my SR staff, then at the fact that it hurt someone, not me, but someone else. Seriously people...1 these are pixels .. lol a piece of a**? wow someone neglected to tell me cuz i missed out. But more importantly those people that do crap like this.... need to remember one thing..... karma is a bitch, your messing with real people behind those monitors and I'm guessing were someone to do something similar to you, you'd cry to the heavens about the unfairness of it all. Seriously people are your own SL's and maybe RL's so boring and empty that you feel the need to attempt to cause trouble in other's?
I should probably be insulted that anyone thinks i have to have it given to me lol I should, but instead I find it amusing that someone felt the need to talk about me in another club... at least I'm a legend in some one's mind right? Any way that's my rant today lol keep rocking peeps and have a good one!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Too Fing funny

ok so I have to add this

[16:20] Mirari Cheney: he got fired from that club.
[16:20] Mirari Cheney: because hes partnered to me
[16:20] Mirari Cheney: then
[16:20] Mirari Cheney: they add to their rules to cover their asses
[16:21] Jadyn Violet: what does the rule say? you cant be a DJ here if you are partnered to Mirari Cheney?
[16:21] Jadyn Violet: look how famous you are :)
[16:22] Mirari Cheney: shakes head
[16:22] Jadyn Violet: it's the mirari cheney clause LOLLL
[16:22] Mirari Cheney: lol can i blog that?
[16:22] Jadyn Violet: yes :)
[16:22] Jadyn Violet: course

Seriously People

So today my partner.... gets fired from the club he dj'd at. a club he enjoyed djing at.... true I have only been there once and only because he asked me. Now... he was fired from there, why? well he was told point blank because he was partnered to me.... amazing seriously amazing.... like what do they think? I have some of their staff that works at my club and vice versa, I dont bad mouth them, I dont require my staff not work else where, I never had any issues with that club, I do now though. I guess i should start banning all their staff that hangs out at my club, I suppose I should begin to remove my staff that works at their club, but to be honest I cannot be arsed to act like them. Not hiring someone because they manage another club or own one is 1 thing discriminating because they are partnered to a club owner? seriously how small minded can you be? so it was done they say to "protect" them lol like um from what? do they honestly think i have nothing better to do than worry about them? Please people get over your selves, no club no club owner is so freaking special that they are better than or above anyone else. Wouldnt we all be better people if we all subscribed to the live and let live.
Their rules state you cannot be a partner in another club... ok so now I am the club? again bs absolute bs... he is not partnered to the damn club people he is involved with me, he takes no part in running SR, none..... nor will he, cuz I dont mix my business with my personal. Yeah Im done and Im over this just goes to show you can be nice you can mind your own but people gotta sprout bs and destroy because they are small minded.