Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bragging Rights

So I took the time to contact this person as one owner to another.... because I had questions about their set up and being as we were allowing a tribute band{ sorry something i find totally silly} into SR for the first time... you bet I had some concerns about stage size and what not... and what do I get but the owners assistant responding to me... hrm well had I wanted to speak to her I would have imd her or had my GM handle it but no I chose to try and speak to the owner... well needless to say I was a tad pissed off at his apparent better than thou attitude and said so...seriously, wouldn't most people be offended at being given the brush off? And what did I get in return? -chuckles- a note card full of condescending crap about his company and how he's so famous in rl and what hes done and blah blah blah apparently I'm guessing he thinks he is the only one with a music industry background.It's funny he accused me of being the very same thing as he was by not taking the time to reply, pot call the kettle black much? whats sadder yet is he seems to be so full of himself and all that he does that he wont even see that he in fact started the holier than though contest by not responding in the 1st place. I'm sure his assisstant is a very nice person however again she isn't who I spoke to, it's called common courtesy, he accused me of lacking it when he himself lacked it in abundance in the 1st place...all I did was return exactly what he dished out. It's all good.. some of us feel the need to brag about such shit, some don't, personally I appreciate those that don't cuz in truth... who you know and who you blow in rl don't mean shit to me. Been there, done it, read the book, skipped the movie, and definitely lived it. As usual will I tell you who in this post? nah I'm far far beyond that. Mute is a wonderful thing isn't it?